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Membership is open to all over 16's, who have had a small bowel or multi organ transplant, and to the parents of children. Parents will receive full membership, apart from being able to apply for our two financial grants. All members will be entitled to the special packs we offer and all of our on going support.

Grant process


Accommodation grants are separate from the individual grants as listed in the membership benefits. They are there to help with the initial costs of accommodation at hospital for family members of the patients who have been called in for their transplant. This grant is up to £168, and is usually organised by the transplant coordinator who will contact MOTS to arrange this for you.


You can fill out the online application below. Alternatively you can request a membership form by post via the contact us page. Upon processing your application, you will then receive a membership card and number, with the following benefits:

  • Thank you card for joining
  • Home pack
  • Summer pack
  • Disabled, easy turn toilet key
  • MOTS key ring
  • Sponsor form
  • Grant form
  • Leaflets with information on care of stoma, skin and hair
  • Leaflets with information to help determine any eligible benefits and help claiming them
  • Access to discounts negotiated with companies
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • A thinking of you card on the anniversary of your transplant (with opt-out if not desired) to you or your family member. Hopefully this will be a gentle reminder that MOTS is there to support people during what can be a particularly emotional period
  • Christmas and Birthday Cards from MOTS
  • Invitations to attend support events, which will be arranged across the UK in areas local to members
  • Eligibility to apply for a grant, if you are a multi-organ or small bowel transplantee. Applications can be made any time post-transplant.

One-off Grants

The accommodation grant does not affect your eligibility for the one-off grant. The grant limit is currently up to £120 but we treat every claim on a fair and individual basis. If we can source an item you've requested on your grant form at a cheaper price from a company that helps us, we will reserve the right to obtain the item on your behalf instead. Applications can be made any time post-transplant.

The grant is intended to provide a direct benefit to the transplantee. Things you could ask for, but are in no way limited to might include: appliances, mobility aids, heating bills, travel costs. Please include as much information as you can in your grant application, and details of how the grant would benefit you.

Each grant will then be reviewed by a minimum of two trustees, and two trustees must decide in favour of the application to grant approval. There is a 7-day working period for the decision making process. Lastly, should a grant be approved, we will then ask for proof of how the money is spent, e.g. receipts or similar. This is so we can ensure the funds are being used for their intended purposes, and to help us comply with current legislation regarding charities.

Apply for membership here

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