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Founder and Chairman

Emma had a small bowel, stomach, liver and pancreas transplant in 2011. Emma is involved in every aspect of MOTS from supporting patients and their families, arranging fundraisers and promoting organ donation through to the day to day managing of MOTS. Image

Emma Abdullah ~ Founder and Chairman.

Emma started MOTS with Dawn Carter at the end of 2012 but sadly Dawn passed away before they had chance to share their dream of helping others. The sad loss of Emma's friend made her more determined to make MOTS become a reality in her memory, so no one faced this journey alone.


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Sam Williams ~ Treasurer

Sam is our treasurer and deals with the financial side of MOTS and helps Emma with the paperwork, fundraising and awareness side of MOTS too! She has also been instrumental in getting MOTS off the ground & continues to be involved in all key areas of MOTS. Sam is sister in law and best friend to our founder. She has seen everything Emma has gone through and understands her transplant history and complications. Before helping Emma get MOTS established Sam was a health care assistant for the NHS and now studies accountancy to help her role of treasurer.

Amanda Watts ~ Secretary

Amanda has always worked in an office environment and for the last 2 years she has been the head of the cashiers office in a solicitor's firm in South Wales. She is used to working in an administrative capacity both on computers and writing to clients, so we are sure this will help Amanda in her role of our Secretary. She is excited to be joining MOTS and looks forward to helping us grow.

The Committee

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Rachael Green

Rachael has had a stomach, small bowel, large bowel & pancreas transplant.

She produces our newsletter, helps us secure funding from companies, is involved in fundraising and helps with our social media pages. She also helps to provide emotional support to our members.

Claire Duell

Claire is mum to Ollie aged 10, who has had a stomach, small bowel & pancreas transplants. She wanted to join MOTS as she feels raising awareness for bowel transplant and the support that you get from being part of this group is such a lifeline for a lot of people. She will help with the paediatric side of MOTS having been there herself.

Jenny Pinkstone

Jenny is our founder, Emma's mum and has helped with MOTS since the charity began. Jenny sends out our members birthday and special day cards.

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Gary Palmer

Gary has had a small bowel, colon and pancreas transplant.

He is involved in fundraising and supporting patients who have recently had transplants.

Alison Jones-Mooney

Alison had a kidney & pancreas transplant. She uses her 4 years transplant experience to help and support others during their transplant journeys.

Cat Hamilton

Cat's son Aaron received a combined liver & small bowel transplant.

Cat was our first secretary & produced our first ever newsletter. She continues to be an editor of our facebook charity page. Cat has helped find us contacts to benefit members, which we use to supply our hospital bags.

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Kim Hughes

Kim helps us support those members and families that are in the paediatric services. She is mum to one of our child members, Poppy, who had a small bowel, large bowel, pancreas and stomach transplant in 2014.

Terry Faber

Sadly on the 26th March 2016, our Terry passed away. He will always be remembered as a true gentlemen. Fly high with the angels .

Grainee Skinner

Grainee is a health care assistant and used to work at Addenbrooke's Hospital where she cared for a number of our members following their transplants. She fundraises and helps us raise awareness.