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Welcome to Multi Organ Transplant Support (MOTS). We are a small charity providing support to people and their families who are affected by small bowel and multi-visceral transplants throughout the UK.

We are the only UK officially registered charity that is dedicated to supporting multi organ and small bowel transplant patients and their families throughout the UK who are affected by small bowel and multi-visceral transplants.

We provide support in many ways, such as newsletters, telephone support, information leaflets, support groups, chat forums and family days for transplant patients.

We also support patients and their families whilst in hospital. This will only be possible through fundraising, sponsorship and donations. For general enquiries or any queries about fundraising, sponsorship or donations please email MOTS at mots2012@hotmail.co.uk


Who are we?

We are a small charity dedicated to supporting patients and their families affected by small bowel and multi organ transplants. We offer both financial and emotional support to our members including support to patients and their families whilst they are in hospital. Our team have all been affected by small bowel and multi organ transplants so have a real understanding of the daily realities of life after these transplants.

Welcome to 2018! A fresh new year with new aims to improve our unique support! We had an amazing 2017 due to the support and commitment from our trustees, committee members and fundraisers. We have had a few minor adjustments to our charity structure and now we aim to focus on working as a team, using our unique strengths which will enable us to expand and improve our support. Thank you to everyone who has given us their time, help, support and those who have fundraised for us through-out the last few years. We will keep you updated with our new aims and achievements also. As always we need your support so if you would like to fundraise for us, you can send us a message and we will send you one of our fundraising packs. Lots of Love Emma, Sam and all at M.O.T.S

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Please donate to us: We now accept donations via text message: Just simply text MOTS12 and your amount to 70070. E.g. MOTS12 £5 - Simple as that! Or donate with Paypal below!

Or why not sponsor us? Please find our sponsorship form here, fill it in and contact us!

History of MOTS

Our charity evolved out of a friendship struck up between two multi organ recipients, who both received transplants at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, and both finding themselves in daunting new territory without any support.

Dawn Carter & Emma Abdullah began to set up M.O.T.S. in 2012. Tragically, Dawn lost her battle for life a short while after in 2013, leaving Emma even more determined to make M.O.T.S. become a reality in memory of her friend Dawn.

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